We provide a wide range of business support services, including consulting, project management, requirement definition, and basic design support, as well as related integration testing and system testing design, test specification creation, and on-site support. Among these, our main expertise lies in providing services that combine “requirement definition” and “system testing.”

Our Service Areas:

It’s common for client companies to delegate two critical stages of system development, “requirement definition” and “quality assurance”, to two separate firms.
Our company can provide services that combine both processes, allowing consistent quality management without the need to outsource to different companies, ensuring development is conducted according to the requirement definition.
To help our clients achieve success, we leverage our extensive consulting experience and know-how in upstream processes such as consulting, project management, requirement definition, and basic design support, as well as related integration testing and system testing planning, test specification creation, and implementation support.

Overview of system quality assurance and test support in quality confirmation and verification processes

Integration test stage
(IT specifications)
1Creating integration test specifications

Develop test scenarios, test cases, and test data to verify the basic design content.

2Test execution

Conduct tests based on test specifications, detect and report defects, and conduct re-tests.

System test stage
(ST specifications)
1Test planning

Consider and establish test objectives, scope, schedule, environment, implementation policy, and management methods.

2System test specification creation

Develop test scenarios, test cases, and test data to verify requirement definition content.

3Non-functional test specification creation and execution support

Create test specifications, prepare the environment, and provide support for testing non-functional requirements such as functionality, addition, failure response, and security.

4Test execution

Conduct tests, detect and report defects, and conduct re-tests based on test planning.

Examples of consulting in strategy development, business reform, and IT field

We have consulting achievements in various business fields such as automobiles, media, machinery and parts manufacturing, finance, e-commerce, sports business, etc. We support customers in setting and solving their challenges with our rich consulting experience and know-how.

Quality building process

Marketing planning and operation support

Our team of experts with specialized knowledge and project experience in data analysis will analyze your big data, consider ways to utilize it in your business, support marketing operations, and continuously monitor and improve your business processes.

Project management

We provide project management services tailored to your needs, such as project planning, overall management, progress and issue management, change management, customer-side PMO, and system area PMO. We have experience in large-scale projects, projects utilizing offshore development in Vietnam and India, and package-based implementation projects such as ERP.

System design and development support

Based on your business strategy and IT strategy, we will carry out requirement definition and basic design, and coordinate and lead the development team. We also promote projects using agile development methods such as Scrum. We have many achievements, such as requirement definition and design support for major automakers’ SCM, requirement definition and design support for major power companies’ retail liberalization projects, and web service development support for medical ventures.

Quality verification process

Test planning, test design, and test execution

Test planning: We will consider and coordinate with stakeholders on the verification scope, test viewpoints, start and end criteria, test implementation methods, promotion structure, and incident management methods for each test process, and develop test plans.
Test design: We will create test specifications based on the requirements and specifications of the verification target process, such as requirement definition and basic design, and the test viewpoints defined in the test plan.
Test execution: We will build the execution structure, conduct tests, manage progress and issues, and manage incidents based on the test plan and test specifications.

Website production

We will determine the persona, assuming the target customers of the website, and derive the requirements and desirable customer experiences for the website content. After that, we will carry out information design, wireframe production, design, and coding. We can also produce content writing tailored to the website theme and target customers.

Website display verification

As websites can be viewed globally, there are numerous aspects to verify. These include not only typographical errors and omissions, but also compliance with laws in different countries, ensuring that the content appeals to a diverse target audience, maintaining alignment with the brand image, and confirming that outsourced writers are not plagiarising

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