Case study

Major electronic components manufacturer Sales strategy formulation, sales reform, RFP creation, vendor selection, PLM/CPC system implementation
Major IT trading company Web strategy, customer strategy formulation, sales process reform, systematization planning
E-commerce company New business strategy formulation, customer purchase history data/survey data analysis, marketing strategy support
Major IT services company New business strategy formulation, business plan development support
Major leasing company Efficiency support for lease property review, requirements definition and development of an automatic review system based on data mining
Major electronic components manufacturer Personnel development reform, development plan support, strategy formulation, benchmarking, BPR promotion, efficiency support for estimation, introduction of an automated estimation model based on multivariate analysis
Major electric power IT subsidiary Market analysis, new business strategy formulation
Sports league joint venture New business plan consulting for the reconstruction of a subscription-based video distribution business, RFP creation and vendor selection, project management for system construction, portal site renewal, team CMS system review, web operation management support
Sports business operations New business planning, business plan development, RFP creation, vendor selection, system implementation (including point-related systems), fan club reform support
Major logistics company ERP implementation grand design, RFP creation, vendor selection support, PMO for implementation project
Major trading company SCM strategy formulation, requirements definition, design, testing, implementation support, overall project PMO
Major book company Overall PMO for global e-commerce site, requirements definition, design, testing, implementation support (offshore development project with Vietnam)
Major electric power company Retail liberalization web service PMO, requirements definition, basic design, test support
Major electric power company Web operation strategy formulation, PDCA process development support
Medical services company Regional comprehensive care system related development PMO, requirements definition, design, development, test process support
Major textile company In-house e-commerce site overall PMO, requirements definition, design, testing, implementation support (offshore development project with India)
Major beauty salon chain Electronic medical record contract management system RFP creation, vendor selection, construction support, tablet PC implementation support
Major automobile manufacturer SCM strategy grand design formulation, requirements definition, implementation support, procurement BPR and systematization planning
Major materials manufacturer Core system reconstruction grand design, RFP creation, overall support for system requirements definition, design, development, and implementation

*Partial list